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The Importance of Being (Earnestly) Dad

As it is June and in June it's Father's Day, I'm focusing on the main man, our Dads. So much is said about us Mum's (and quite rightly so in my opinon - we ARE amazing :D). Dad's are however, pretty cool too (not when they fart in the car though - that is NOT cool!)

At the beginning of the month I was lucky enough to be taken to see #Ladysmith Black Mambazo.

Ladysmith Black Mambazo live at the State Theatre, Pretoria.

WOW! What a treat, they really are amazing! And the whole experience got me thinking about the male voice. Ok, these guys are just phenomenal. Two hours on stage with not a single instrument to be heard and people were dancing in the aisles - That there is a special talent! But for me it's the low rumble of the bass voices that really move me.

Our little ones need to hear more of the male voice too. If you think about it, for most of their day these little people are surrounded by women: mum, gran, aunt, nanny (99% of the time female) or teachers, once again most of whom are female.

That is why it is so important for dad to be able to come home and spend some time with the little ones chatting, playing and best of all reading with them. I has become entirely my hubby's job over the years, read/ tell stories from his head at bedtime (whilst I rush from the room to find a quiet spot and a glass of wine!). To be totally honest I'm not sure if he does it 'cos he enjoys it or because he gets to fall asleep with the monsters after the story, all I know is that the monsters LOVE bedtime (Thankfully!).

It's not really so much the voice that is important but really the different inflection dad puts on the story being read. The different (to mums) questions that he asks, and the different avenues the are explored as a result. PLEASE note, that at no point have I said BETTER, just Different!

Dads have so much to offer, such different outlooks and there HAS to be something soothing about that deeper voice!!

Dad, you are certainly someone to be celebrated! HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!

Let me know how you celebrated the "Dad" in your life by commenting below

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