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Turn baby babble into real communication with fun, proudly
South African baby sign classes.


What is Baby Sign?

Babies can't speak; not because they don't understand but, because the muscles they will use for speech have yet to develop.


At Baby Babble we teach babies, and their adults, a way to make sense of baby babble through baby sign. 


We run small, weekly classes, of music and fun during which you and your little one will learn the joys of baby sign. 

We welcome munchkins (and their adults!) from birth to 3 years old to join our groups and discover the wonders of early communication.

At Baby Babble we are proudly using the MakatonSA language programme.

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What is Baby Sign?

Baby sign is a system of simple signs that build on a baby's innate ability to gesture. Babies watch and respond to their parents talking from around 2 to 3 months of age, and at around 6 months old, they begin using gestures to communicate (waving, pointing, etc.).  Baby Babble taps into this natural ability and develops it further. 

The Benefits

  • Reduces Frustration

  • Increases Bonding

  • Increases your baby's Confidence

  • Supports and Develops language skills

  • Bridges the 'multi-lingual gap'

Our Programmes

Baby Babble classes:

  1. Baby Babblers

  2. Bigger Babblers

  3. Super Signers


In Person/ Online Workshops

Pre-School programme

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