The Benefits of Baby Sign

It Increases Bonding

Baby Signing increases bonding - especially with secondary caregivers (dad, grandparents, nannies and pre-school/creche). The Primary caregiver is no longer required as "an Interpreter".

Reduces Frustration

It reduces the frustration of the child due to not being understood and the frustration of the caregiver of not understanding!

It Increases Your Baby's Confidence

When a baby can communicate with sign, their caregivers are far more likely to take notice when they start a "conversation" (babbling). This in turn, makes the baby feel more connected to the world and therefore increases their confidence and willingness to try new things.

Language Development

It enhances and augments speech and language development as we never silent sign.


Signing bridges the bi/trilingual gap as the sign remains the same in all languages

Baby Sign

opens up a whole new world to you, as parents, into what is going through your baby's beautiful mind.

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