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Starter Signers

Starters is the first step on the exciting journey to early communication with your little one. It is a 8 week course of hour long, weekly classes. During this hour we sing songs and learn signs for about 30 - 45 mins and then chat (and usually laugh) for the remainder of the hour.
Each week we recap the signs learnt the previous week and then add to our vocabulary by learning a few more as well as adding new songs to our amazing repertoire.
Every week follows a different theme based on important everyday routines we, as parents, undertake e.g. shopping, bathing, eating etc.
By the end of the program, on average, you will have learnt at least 130 signs
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Super Signers is a follow on adventure from the Starter course. It is also an 8 week course of​ weekly hour long classes.
By now, the themes follow a slightly more conversational stance e.g. Family members, colours, opposites, weather etc.

Super Signers

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