About Baby Sign

The benefits of signing with your little one are numerous (see our benefits page!) Most of all, it's about the connection that the little ones develop with

their emerging world, and the pure joy and increased bonding that is felt by all involved in their care.

You’ll find that with our classes, signing is incredibly EASY to learn and It’s so rewarding even with only a very few signs learnt.  

Why Baby Sign?

Who do we teach?

EVERYONE benefits from baby sign. We are often asked "Is it only for deaf or special needs babies?" the answer to this is No! We teach all babies, both neuro-developmentally typical or atypical. The only difference is that neuro-developmentally typical children tend to drop their signs earlier (around 2.5 - 3 years) than atypical children who may never drop their signs.

When to start?

As soon as possible. The sooner you start signing with your little one the sooner they will begin signing back. However, from past experience we have realised that the general time that Mums are able to "pop their heads above the parapet " as it were is around three months after the baby is born.

How do we teach it?

We meet every week for an hour during which we learn fun songs and new signs based on the weekly theme. Music and language go hand in hand and all our signs are taught through simple well known tunes (if not the words) and rhyme, matched with simple gestures. We follow a set routine every week which culminates in a drink, a biscuit and chat. We also offer complete support during the following week by video link or text messaging for any help you may need with the signs you have learnt.

What is baby sign?

Baby sign is a system of simple gestures that builds on a baby's innate ability. Babies watch and respond to their parents talking from around 2 to 3 months of age, and at around 6 months old, they begin using gestures to communicate (waving, pointing, etc.).  Baby Babble taps into this natural ability and develops it further. 

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