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Are you Managing your Revolutions?

Like most people, I LOVE a New Year and everything it stands for:

New Beginnings....

New Opportunities....

New ME!

Every year I begin with my Revolutions!! Mine ARE revolutions as I am determined that they will Revolutionise my life (and hopefully stir up a little revolution or two in a few others!)

This year is NO DIFFERENT! 2019 started with 3 Revolutions:

1: To Revolutionise Baby Babble

2: (everyone's favourite!) To Revolutionise my health and fitness

3: To allow time for creativity.


For revolution no. 1, I planned to:

Get Out and Get Known - Marketing and Branding are my two big things for this year.

For revolution no. 2, I planned to:

Start a 30 day challenge (for a wonderful bit of inspiration on 30 day challenges watch this TED Talk)

and Finally

For revolution no. 3, I planned to:

Start (and finish, being the biggest challenge right there!) a Crocheted Baby Blanket. Please take into consideration here that I have only just (November 2018) taught myself to crochet...... (and the excuses start creeping in already!!!)

HOW is it Going????

The Million Dollar question..........

Strangely enough not nearly as badly as I first thought - I started this post convinced I had failed abysmally before the year had truly started (event though it feels as if it's already halfway through right now!)

The more I write, the more I realise that, although not entirely on track.. One can put a positive spin on most things......

1: Baby Babble is well on the way to being revolutionised - even if only in my head at the moment, implementation should be extremely doable once only a very few obstacles have been knocked over. WATCH THIS SPACE.... (1 Point to ME!)

2: This one has been a little more tricky - After a brilliant start , my 30 day Yoga challenge came to an abrupt end after 7 days. Not exactly 30 days, No..I'll give you that but I reckon I can do 10 days next month and build up to it..... HOWEVER,

I have had my first ever MAMOGRAMME (more on this in another post!) which is a HUGE start to the new year and DEFINITELY working on my HEALTH and fitness. So, I feel that IS a revolution ! (2 Points to ME)

and 3:

In true ADHD (inattentive) style I have started THREE projects :D Two baby blankets and one double bed blanket for the spare room!!

The proper challenge here though, is whether I actually finish any of them......

( 0 Points to ME, yet!)

A Total 2 of 3 Points to ME

What I have realised though is that you should never beat yourself up about "failing" at something until you have fully analysed to situation. Once you have, you are more likely to find that you have at least achieved something somewhere.

Keep looking for the Good in yourself and you WILL find it!!!!!


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