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What on earth is "Baby Sign"?

Updated: Jan 30, 2019

Baby Sign is a wonderful way to help your little one to communicate and connect with the world before they are able to speak.

Babies don’t talk until they are about (on average, at a rough guesstimate, although every child is their own little person and works to their own timescales) 18 months to two years old.

This isn’t because they don’t understand - Boy, do they understand! (Hubby and I always felt, and often still do, that we were WAAAAY behind the comprehension curve with our boys).

It’s just that the muscles they need for speech take longer to fully develop and strengthen.

That is why, giving these little people an alternative means to communicate and connect, whilst their body is catching up with their brains, is so incredibly beneficial (see my blog "Why baby sign?)


Babies instinctively begin to gesture from about 6 months of age. They clap their hands, wave hello/goodbye or point to things they want or like. Baby signing takes this instinct, and builds on it.

It does so by introducing a simple system of consistent signs related to everyday routines and objects.

If used consistently, your baby will come to recognise the sign and relate it to the relevant object and sooner than you know it, they will be signing back to you.

What joy have you had with signing to your little one? Please leave a comment below.

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